Funeral Merchandise


Casket selection is a very personal decision and an expression of your feelings. A casket not only reflects the personality and taste of your loved one, but can be a part of your final tribute to their life. Caskets can be tastefully simple or personalized modern. Whether you are preplanning for yourself or choosing for your family, the Pable-Evertz Funeral Home offers a vast array of choices and options.

The Timeless Beauty of Wood:

Mahogany…Cherry…Oak…Pine…are some of the many materials that have a personality unique to their species. Craftsmen for generations have mastered the art of turning this natural resource into a casket that is truly “one-of-a-kind.”

The Brilliance of Fine Metals:

Bronze and Copper: Like fine statues that have lasted for centuries or the penny that dates back for generations, these semi-precious metals are transformed into caskets that have stood the test of time.

Stainless Steel
: This nickel enhanced metal is naturally resistant to the elements and is used in our daily lives. The durability of stainless steel has made it one of the most selected casket choices for the strength it provides.

Carbon Steel
: Steel is as American as apple pie. Companies such as Pittsburgh Steel or Bethlehem Steel bring back memories of the very backbone of our country. Many select steel for its finish - brushed or painted and the protection it ensures. Just like wire, steel comes in gauges - 16, 18 and so forth. The lower the number the thicker the steel.

: As with the material of construction, the interior of the casket is an intricate as well. Subtle velvet, stitched crepe and even pressed linen are options. Colors normally compliment the casket exterior and can be as basic as ivory to the richness of a deep Bordeaux.

: Construction materials, interior fabric, and design all play an important factor in the price of a particular casket. For years basic carbon, 20 gauge steel has been the most economical choice. The recent advent of manufactured hardwoods has provided families a wider, less expensive range of tasteful selections.

Outer Burial Container or Burial Vault

Although not required by law, you may desire to select a concrete burial vault; a sealed, warranted, and lined outer receptacle used in cemeteries for underground interment. An outer burial container may be required by your cemetery or memorial park to help preserve the beauty of the property and cemetery maintenance by supporting the weight of the heavy equipment that may pass over the gravesite. Vaults come in a wide range of construction styles and prices. The basic concrete is often reinforced and then may be lined with your choice of high-impact thermoformed plastic or marbelon and then either stainless steel, copper, and even bronze.


From a simple bronze memorial to the teapot in your home, the selection of an urn is as unique as the life of the individual it is chosen for. A full range of hardwood, metal and ceramic urns are options. There are urns designed for interment and those for scattering. Delicate statuary type urns are made to cherish your loved one in your home. Biodegradable urn choices help lessen the impact on our environment for disposition at sea. Urn choices can be personalized to add the finishing touch on a truly personal memorial.